-- Research your options for wholesale retail bags and boxes

AUTHOR : Date : 12/17/2011 12:40:56 AM

When you're looking into retail bags and boxes news and trends, the number one issue is the growing concern about plastic bags. American consumers use about 100 billion bags per year, but recycle less than 1 percent of these bags. Several major cities in the United States have actually banned retail plastic bags or threatened to charge a premium for consumers to use them. It's a very confusing time for retailers.

While the overuse of plastic bags is in the news, other trends include the use of alternatives, including paper, jute, canvas, recycled materials and reusable bags. The bottom line is that it's best to explore your options, and make thoughtful decisions about the kinds of bags and boxes you're going to use in your business. Give customers a bag or a box they can re-use, and offer recycled products where possible.

1. Choose retail bags and bulk gift boxes that achieve an objective of reducing waste, such as polypropylene bags.

2. Encourage customers to use their own bags to reduce plastic bag usage wherever possible.

3. Promote your efforts to go green by publicizing a move to recycled retail boxes, for example.